The significance of ventilation and natural light! 

Some ancient fashioned stuff like fresh air and sunlight is tough to beat. Natural sunlight has many advantages and accordingly, we should constantly strive to make optimal provisions for the path of sunlight into our building. When you have the luxury of basking in the heat of natural sunlight and when the compartments in your home obtain an amount of sunlight as the rooms of Thiam Siew Condo do, you really celebrate a lot of positivity and zeal in your residence. We, humans, require natural sunshine just like plants and trees require sunlight to evolve luscious and lush. Before you investigate how you should inculcate sufficient sunshine in your house, let us move through the across-the-board implications and windfalls of natural sunlight.

  • Significance of natural sunlight 

The primary advantages of natural sunlight are:-

  • Significance of sunlight on focus and productivity 

Sunlight can affect your all-around productivity and focus positively as per the study by numerous researchers. In a scenario where a maximum of the people are now working from home during the pandemic, areas that are airy and receive sufficient sunlight are extremely crucial for keeping up motivated. Along with the similar, carefully building a conscious workspace would certainly improve your overall efficiency and productivity at your home.

  • Natural lighting protects a substantial amount from power costs. 

You can obtain various advantages by enabling natural sunlight to permeate inside your home. So, adequate ventilation in your room is very essential. This moreover is nice for your wallet. The main fraction of our monthly expenditures at our home appears for reimbursing the electricity bills. With the right overture of a base of natural light, your power bills can lessen up to 47%. If you enhance this with other exercises in energy conservation at your home, then the expense can curtail considerably. Accordingly, the major benefits of sunlight that you obtain from your body, psyche, and wallet are something that you should not resist in any situation. Thiam Siew Residences have been constructed to allow enough sunlight and air into the spaces so that you never have to overrun your lights and air conditioner to stay comfortable!

  • How do you formulate outlay for natural lighting inside your home?
    • Arrangement of furniture– You should sight the furniture in your home in such a way that this does not end up hindering the sunlight that emerges through the windows in your house. You can moreover opt to place some low-raised desks near your window however so that you are working on the place near the natural source of sunlight.


    • Seat mirrors inside your room strategically– Sunlight usually discovers its path to your room through the vast windows and entrances. For guaranteeing that you obtain the maximum advantages of natural sunlight in your area, you can position a big mirror on the wall that is the basis of light. This mirror would indicate the gleaming rays &finallyenjoy the entire room with sufficient light.


    • Use brighter shades on the walls– As light colors consume a substantial amount of light, you inevitably want to make sure that the special room where you usually work or you expend the full time should be colored in extremely light and nice pastel colors. Moreover, you can utilize smooth curtains or drapes to coat the larger windows in your house instead of using thick fabrics which end up impeding the entrance of sunshine inside the room.


    • Inaugurating huger windows or skylights– To improve the ventilation of your home, you can position a piece of a tremendous skylight which would make your room glance new and modern and also soak in that indispensably nurturing sunlight. If you find investing in skylights hard to invest in, then you should ideally deem committing one certain side of the room’s wall for larger windows for greeting sunlight inside the room.