How to teach foreigners to learn Chinese?

Teaching materials: more than 70% of my students are in the primary stage, so I will not choose a special academic books as teaching materials. “Made easy Chinese” teaching material is very easy to use, there are different versions of adults and children, which is a lot of students to recommend to me. In addition, because my teaching platform is online, so I also have a lot of network resources, such as their own production of PPT, as there are some free materials on the website.

Teaching taboo:

1 no matter what your students are, don’t try to teach him anything at the beginning, such as pronunciation, intonation, Chinese characters, grammar and so on. Seize a key, let him in this class to truly master this one content than all of them have not taught a good. I usually choose some simple phrases and sentences to practice with them. An hour after they are generally able to remember a few phrases, they also feel a great sense of accomplishment, and establish their confidence in learning Chinese.

2 don’t let the students feel bored. If you have no teaching experience, it must be very important to prepare before class. The preparation includes understanding of students’ Chinese level, clear to your teaching objectives and preparation of teaching materials and teaching aids you. You even need understand your student’s personality and preferences, so you can get a better psychographic and quickly caught their attention.

3 don’t let the students find it difficult to speak chinese. Although the tone for almost all the foreign students is a big problem, do not in the first class put the display so incisively and vividly “, otherwise you may be difficult to establish their confidence in learning. I will introduce Chinese tone and consonant and vowel pronunciation, our first class, but must not exceed 5 minutes of exercise, because even if you in this section to spend a whole day time, nor are they likely inerrancy to learn proper pronunciation, after all the words in the sentence, word tone change completely without any logical connection will make them feel very frustrated.

4 don’t be nervous. This is very important, do not have much experience in teaching the teacher will usually have some inner monologue, a variety of self doubt, do not think that play in your heart is only you know, your students can from the teaching performance you see clearly. I believe that any one of the students would like to have an experienced and professional teacher to learn, so to overcome their psychological barriers is the first major points. How to overcome it? If you in front of the class to prepare for full and confidence in your establishment of great help, you are well aware that you a lesson to do what, according to you arrange a one as well. In addition, you simply tell yourself, their understanding of the Chinese than the 5 year old children, in front of the children have nothing to be nervous about, even if you in a slip of the tongue, they may not be fully aware of the, so bold to speak. Of course, I am not here to encourage you fraught, primary students learning content, I believe we are not wrong to where.

5 do not use too much english. Although it is to teach elementary students, also do not blindly use Chinese translation all the words and sentences, because when you start to speak English, students will use English to communicate with you and to think, this will not only make students have no enough time to practice Chinese, will not use the Chinese way of thinking to think, many of the phrases is cannot directly be translated when their brains are think impassability. Think about how children learn, we can interpret their meanings by means of body language, props, examples and simple words. I think the greatest teacher is can not use English can also be a lesson to explain clearly the teacher, students will also be aware of this and very much agree with this method, after all, they are not to learn English, don’t in front of them show your English have much good! A lesson to teach students how to learn how good, no matter what method, as long as the class after the students you have mastered the key to master even if it is successful. Class is not in the speech, the essence is not a point is not important. As a teacher, you must know what you want to do this lesson, what is your purpose, you will figure out how to make your students understand, and then will. By teaching the most natural and instinctive way is inherent to the human, not echo what the books say!