How Cards are dominating the web design trend for 2018

The cards are not just visually appealing but they are also quite practical. This is the reason why they are ruling the web design trends for 2018. It was only a couple of years ago when the mobile phone internet usage began to give shoulder to shoulder competition to desktop usage. Today, the web designers have no other way but to consider the small screen web access and make the web pages responsive. This is why some of the trends have surfaced including minimal designs, flat designs, and of course the cards.

But the utility of the user interfaces today is not just about how much time it is taking to load and how it is rendering on the screens of all the sizes. It is also about how it is capturing the attention of the users (who by the way have a very short span of attention). With only limited elements to display at a time on the small screen, grabbing the attention instantly becomes all the more important. There is no denying that the card style was made most popular by Pinterest. The other social media sites like Twitter and Facebook soon followed suit. Now you can see the trend picking up fast among the webmasters across all the domains and industries.

What exactly is the card design?

To understand what exactly the website card style entails you will first want to know what truly the card is. You can compare them to small containers. Each container contains some information pertaining to the business or the niche of the website. A card usually contains individual information independent of the others. While the other cards may be relevant to each other, they together may not form the continuity pattern.

Just about any type of content can be contained in the card including media, links and texts. However, all of them are the part of the same theme.

This is pretty much what the container model or card style is all about. Why use it? It cuts out all the clutter form the page and provides a much cleaner look. It is easily to read and comprehend the information. It is easier to get straight to what you are trying to find on the web page.

Friendly with responsive design

As above mentioned the car style is highly compatible with the responsive web design. It is easy to render this design on the mobile phones and other devices with smaller screens. If you are looking for the consistent user experience across various devices, card style would be a perfect choice for you as a web designer.

Regardless the type of website, everyone can get benefitted from the incredible card designs. The web development technologies are rapidly evolving. In the coming time, it will be able to make the cards richer with attractive media content without affecting the overall load time. The cards may also become much more interactive than they are today. Card design is a trend for 2016 and it is bound to continue in the coming years.